In my experience, luck doesn’t come to you. You make it happen!


    With this mindset, I’ve helped brilliant people solve big problems in new, exciting ways for more than 5 years through my work in the venture capital space.

    It doesn’t matter if I’m negotiating an agreement, steering an acquisition process, or managing an “out there” request—I work tirelessly to make things happen. Beyond my unmatched work ethic, colleagues know me for my ability to spark strong relationships in an instant.


  • my work experience speaks for itself...

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    Pantera Capital


    Apr 2014 – Present

    At Pantera I’m a swiss army knife: I have my hand in a number of activities. On any given day I might work with a company to negotiate a new deal, delegate operational tasks to our team, or solve problems for our portfolio companies.

    I’m passionate about how the blockchain will bring transparency, efficiency, and cost-savings for institutions and corporations.

    My favorite part of my role is learning about new technologies or products that are going to revolutionize how value is transferred among different parties. Some achievements I’m proud of include:

    * Closed 15 venture investments; sourcing most of them, securing $70M in subsequent funding and facilitating 1 acquisition
    * Authoring monthly investor letters and speaking at industry events; I enjoy serving
    as a resource for other venture capitalists
    * Building relationships with incubators, startups, and institutions and discovering unexpected, but valuable opportunities for everyone involved

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    Alchemist Accelerator


    May 2017 – Present

    VentureBeat Silicon Valley Startup Accelerator of the year drawing from Harvard, Stanford and Ivy League schools. Other mentors include Tim Draper and, Vinod Khosla.

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    Blockchain Education Network


    Jan 2017 – Present

    Strategic advisor, helping with corporate engagement, relationships, and fundraising when needed.

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    Board Observer 

    Jul 2015 – Present

    *Facilitated acquisition of ChangeTip to Airbnb*


    Once I became involved with ChangeTip through Pantera Capital, I helped direct the company’s product strategy and forged invaluable partnerships. If you’re looking for a community of true enthusiasts pioneering new use-cases for micropayments, ChangeTip is your team.

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    Boost VC


    Feb 2015 – Present

    If you know me well, you know that I can’t stop talking about blockchain and virtual reality technologies. That’s why I am helping to advance Boost VC's portfolio. I have no doubt that a number of successful companies will come out of this incubator.

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    Golden Gate Ventures


    Jun 2012 – Present

    As someone with a strong curiosity for Southeast Asia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, working with this incubator was a natural step. I’ve advised Golden Gate’s leadership on everything from product management and business development, to social media strategies, user acquisition, and data analytics.

  • I listen and really get to know people

    The understanding I build allows me to close deals confidently and match startups with the resources and strategies they need into order to be successful.

  • If you like talking about disruptive technologies, innovative products, or startup fundraising strategies, I welcome the chance to connect with you.

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